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Largely self-taught, my interest in art has been with me all my life. I remember drawing when I was a kid, and by the time I went to high school I found more enjoyment in my art classes than in many of the other subjects I was required to take. I took a few painting lessons, in oil, when I was 16 or 17. 

Faced after high-school with what career to pursue, I choose to go to college for Computer Science. I still took many electives in creative areas, such as drawing and photography. These turned out to be my most rewarding classes, but the call of making a living won out and after leaving college it was a long time before I returned to the arts. Through photography, home projects, and various endeavors – from woodworking to painting pottery and furniture – I still kept an interest in art, I just didn’t pursue it seriously.

    After a couple decades of corporate life working in technology, I returned to school to get my certificate in graphic design. Becoming a graphic designer helped scratch the creative itch and that held me over for the next 10 years. I worked with other talented graphic designers and eventually started my own business Creative Waters Design. (now you now where Creative Waters Art comes from!)

    I began painting seriously again in 2012, this time choosing acrylics as my primary medium. Devouring online videos, books, and a few workshops with well-known artists, I’ve been learning and painting ever since. 

    My inspiration is the world around me. I fell in love with Vermont and find myself inspired daily by what I see. Favorite subjects include barns, trees, fields, landscapes, hillsides, mountains, sunsets, birds and pretty much everything about Vermont outdoors. My goal is to capture the feeling that engages me about a subject or a scene. I can’t pass a barn without wanting to capture it before its gone.

    I hope you enjoy my work. You can follow my journey on my website, facebook page, and on my You Tube channel where I share some of what I learn, and some of how I paint.

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