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I grew up in rural New York, As a child you could usually find me drawing.  I would spend idle time drawing portraits for friends and family, or painting wildlife for competition in the local craft shows. My love for art has always held a strong connection with the outdoors. I can't remember a time when my art was not inspired by nature.

In 2006 I received a bachelors of art in Medical Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology. 
Medical Illustration is a truly fascinating profession. It combines a love for art with a love for science. It requires great attention to detail and exactness. While it may focus more on human anatomy in art, it teaches important skills that can be used in any type of drawing.

After college I moved to Seattle, WA. In Seattle my subject matter gradually moved away from Medical Illustration and turned once again to nature. I spent 8 years in the Seattle area Immersing myself in my art as well as the beautiful wildlife and scenery of the area. 

In the spring of 2015 my husband and I relocated to the Burlington, Vermont area. Nature continues to inspire my art. I strive to create highly detailed paintings that capture the beauty and essence of my subject matter.

When I'm not painting you can usually find me hiking, backpacking or spending time with my Percheron/Quarterhorse cross Joey.
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