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Marbling fiber

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Five hundred years ago you could be put to death by the trade guild for revealing marbling secrets. Not so any longer...and Dean and Linda Moran bring marbling on fabric to a new resurgence. They have been marbling for over 20 years, and their motto is "No fabric is safe from the marbling tray."

 Dean and Linda took an interest in a new hobby and turned it into a new passion. Linda wanted to marble fabric for quilts. After doing research, Dean created the tools they needed. With their first piece, they knew they had a vision for a new art form using traditional marbling designs. Over time and many hours of practice, they created a personal art form using traditional marbling designs, as well as contemporary variations to enhance their creative spirits.

Fascinated by the whims and mysteries of nature, their art incorporates dimensional form as they continue to explore the marriage of marbling and fabric. All of their commissioned pieces have celebrated the magic of the Earth. Starting with basic white cotton, Dean and Linda soon expanded into silk, satin, corduroy, denim, velveteen and whatever else may cross their paths. The fabric may dictate a theme; other times the magic of the marbling will dictate the focus of the finished piece.

Come learn what it takes to marble fabric for a traditional or art quilt. Then experiment learning new free motion patterns for either quilting marbled fabrics or quilting traditional designs.

Professional Publications

Create-a-Quilt by Dr. Joyce Mori, 1999

Pricing Guidelines for Arts and Crafts, Sylvia Landman, 2000

"Making Connections" in Sew News, September 2001

The Quilting Quarterly, "The Art of Marbling," National Quilting Association, summer 2002

Quilting Through the Seasons: Spring. Lois Fletcher, author, Spring 2005

Quilting Arts, Spring 2004 - blue silk used by Larkin Van Horn in her Bernina garment.

"If You Bring It, They Will Sign," Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, Winter 2004, about Linda's       wedding quilt for her niece.

Bernina fashion Show Catalogs, 2002, 2003; Larkin Van Horn & Nancy Schlegel, designers.

Martha Stewart Weddings, March 2013, "Having a Marbled Wedding"

The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting, 2014 by Linda Seward; two marbled quilts

Artful Alchemy: The Art of Disabled Artists, edited by Anne Copeland


Textures Gallery and Studio, Scottsdale, AZ, Fall, 2003-2004

“My World in Black and White,” online exhibition, 2003-2004

“My World in Black and White,” Ontario Museum of Art and History, CA, 2003 - 2004

Schullenberger Gallery, Jericho, VT. Artists’ Showcase, December 2003

Leandro Fabrics and Gallery, Tucson, AZ, May 2004, September 2004

"Expressions in Textiles," juried show, New Haven, CT, August 2004

"Fabric of Legacies," juried show, "Mandala 1: Core" Fort Collins, CO, July 2004

"Fish Follies," juried show, "Alaskan Waters" Cordova, AK, August-November 2004

"Art of the Sixth Extinction," WomenKraft Gallery, Tucson, AZ. Winter 2005

"Fish Follies," juried show, Alaskan Whales" Cordova, AK, July-November 2007

"Fish Follies," juried show, "Swimming Upstream" Cordova, AK, July-November 2007

"Fish Follies," juried show, "Raven" Cordova, Alaska, July - November 2008

"Fabric of Legacies," juried show, "Low Tide" Ft. Collins, CO, 2009

"Fish Follies," juried show, "Ocean's Bounty," Cordova, AK, July - November 2009

"Fish Follies," juried show, "Salmon Run," Cordova, AK, July-November 2010

"Tikkun Olam: A Restoration Project," Tucson, Arizona. "Insidious Oil." September 2011.

StashFest, La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum, April 2012, 2013

SAQA membership auction, 2012

Juried Faculty Art Show, The Art Institute of Tucson, May, 2013

Galleribba, online gallery, 2012-13

Solo show, Unsworth Law Offices, Essex Junction, Vermont, 2016.

"On the Wall" at Phoenix Books, Essex, Vermont. Ongoing display with the Essex Art League. 2016

Solo Show, August 2016, Brownell Library, Essex Junction, Vermont

Vermont Open Studios, May 2106

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