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    My art interests have been varied thoughout my life. As a child, coloring and drawing were favorite pastimes. Later my interest grew to include painting, taxidermy, printmaking, woodworking and photography. I credit my high school art teacher with introducing me to watercolor. I found the medium to be both captivating and at times, rather challenging. Though I continued to occasionally paint in watercolor as a young adult, it was only later that I re-discovered a greater affection and appreciation for the medium.

   In regards to subject matter, I'm most drawn to paint rural landscapes and those things found within. These might include fields bordered by forest, weathered barns, old stone walls, rocky outcroppings and small bodies of water, just to name a few. Fortunately I currently live in an area with no shortage of these kinds of subjects and scenes. Whenever I find myself on one of Vermont's many country roads, I can't help but to constantly scan the landscape in search of reference material for future paintings.

   As an artist, I'm far less concerned with making any kind of political or social statement with my work than I am with creating an aesthetically pleasing piece. I prefer to focus on the principles of good design. I'm interested in texture, shapes, color and contrasting value. Combining these elements with watercolors natural fluidity and subtlety, I strive to capture and express the essence of the subjects I choose to paint.

  Please view my gallery page for examples of my work. Thank you for your interest.


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