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Lucia Chiu

Watercolor , Ink , Chinese brush painting on rice paper

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Lucia Chiu was born in China. She started learning Chinese calligraphy from her father at early age. With the good brush skill training at young age, she later on got interested and learned Chinese traditional painting from other artists as she grew up through her school years. She then spent the rest of her adolescence honing Chinese brush painting skills until today. 

The fundamental components of Chinese painting are the art of lines and strokes, as it is in Chinese calligraphy. Executing good brush strokes with a Chinese brush is critical. each stroke is permanent, as the ink and colors on delicate rice paper or silk material are unforgiving. Mistakes cannot be erased, the slightest deviation in brush pressure and amount of ink used is forever recorded. To further enrich the artistic content, Lucia has always enjoyed writing poetry in Chinese calligraphy on her painting. 

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