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Kathy Hart

Watercolor , Acrylic , pastel

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 Kathy Hart Bio

 Nature is my guide.  I like to improve on nature using color, value, and composition to evolve an emotional response in the onlooker.  My current medium is pastel.  There's a variety of colors I use to form an underpainting with pastels,  such as acrylics, ink as well as using textured colored papre and toned pastel board.

I like to capture the spontanous light that occurs in nature and then is gone in an instant.  My goal is to create beauty that someone will love.  Something that strikes a chord in them and they need to linger a little longer at the scene.

This process is all consuming and exciting to me.  I started painting when I retired from working in the Health and Human Services field for 40 years.  During those working years I yearned for the freedom to pursue expression on the 2 dimensional surface.  My hope is that you enjoy the images.  I don't make prints of my paintings, so you will be getting an original painting.

I am a member of the Pastel Society of Vermont and the Essex Art League.

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