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Individual exhibits 
Essex Town offices
Group exhibits 
Brownell Library, Essex Junction,
Burnham Library Miniature Show, Colchester, 
Dorothy Alling Memorial Library, Williston, 
Red Mill, (July) Jericho
Phoenix Books, Lang Farm Shopping Center
Other venues that may arise

Guidelines for Exhibiting 

Exhibit areas:  Length of exhibit is 2 months at Given Health Center and the Essex Town offices.  Other spaces are generally one month.
How to sign up:  Contact the exhibits coordinator regarding schedule.  If unable to fulfill your commitment, contact the exhibits coordinator as soon as possible.
Changing exhibits:  Transition date should be close to the last day of the month as agreed to by exhibiting artists.
Art Subject Matter:   No nudity, partial or full or violent nature.  Artists will be asked to remove work that falls into these categories.

Guidelines for Installation

  1. On the back of each painting list the title of the work, medium, artist’s name, phone number, and price.
  2.  Prepare a list of your work with the above information included for the person in charge/reception area.
  3.  Attach an EAL card or your business card at the lower right hand corner on the front of the piece with all of the above information neatly written on it.
  4. Use existing hanging hooks, nails.  Have extra hangers in case some are missing using empty holes, do not create new holes in the walls.  Make exchanges quietly and efficiently.  Report problems to the exhibit coordinator.
  5. Be considerate of the set up committee, be prompt for group installations!

 Guidelines for Framing:

Glass held with clips, zigzag hangers or press on hooks are not allowed.

Art work should framed with sturdy wood or metal frames and wired for hanging

Photo frames are allowed but artwork looks better with foam core or matboard for backing and then covered with backing paper.

Note:  Exhibiting locations are not liable for damage or theft to artwork.  Insurance is the responsibility of the artist.

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